Boards & Commissions

Noblesville Plan Commission

Malinda Wilcox, President Mayoral Appointment
N. Scott Smith,  Vice President   Mayoral Appointment
Christine Albregts-Cook   County Commissioner's Appointment
David Burtner    County Commissioner's Appointment
Steve Cooke  Mayoral Appointment
Dr. Joe Forgey Mayoral Appointment
Gretchen A. Hanes Board of Works Appointment
Jim Hellmann Assistant City Engineer
Mark Boice Council Representative
Anita Rogers Mayoral Appointment
Angie Sutton Parks Board Representative

Board of Zoning of Appeals

Mike Field, Chairperson Mayor Appointment
Dave Burtner, Vice Chair Plan Commission Representative
Jim Hanlon Council Appointment
Dan Mac Innis Mayor Appointment
Lauren Wahl Mayor Appointment

Architectural Review Board

Dave Burtner Plan Commission Representative
Caleb Gutshall Director of Planning & Development
Darren Peterson Council Representative
Aaron Smith Council Representative
Malinda Wilcox Plan Commission Representative

Noblesville Redevelopment Commission

Jack Martin President
William Lynch Vice President
Christi Crosser Secretary
Bill Taylor Member
Rick Taylor Member
Stephanie Lambert Non Voting School Board Rep.
Sarah Parks Reece Non Voting School Board Rep.

Noblesville Redevelopment Authority

Scott Noel President
John Elmer Vice President
Chris Hamm Secretary/Treasurer

Economic Development Commission

David Johnson President
Jesse Pohlman Vice President
Greg Ayers Secretary

Community Development Commission

Blair Carmosino President
Michelle Leach Secretary
Andy Hahn Vice President