Sewer Work Map

Noblesville Utilities will begin work this week to clean, televise and reline the sewers running through downtown. The work, contracted through Inland Waters Pollution Control, Inc., will take place overnight from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. to cause as little disruption to businesses and traffic that takes place downtown.

The process begins with cleaning of the lines, which should take three to four days and will be the noisiest portion of the sewer line rehab. After cleaning is completed, the remaining work will last approximately 6 weeks as the city uses cured-in-place pipe.

“By using cured-in-place pipe we are able to repair the existing pipelines without having to dig up streets and sidewalks,” said Noblesville Utilities Director Ray Thompson. “Cured-in-place pipe forms a jointless, seamless pipe within the old pipe. This is proactive work we are doing downtown because the existing sewer is brick and 100 years old.”

The sewer lines involved start at the southwest corner of 10th and Conner streets, west to Ninth Street, north to Logan, and then west to the river. There will be traffic and parking restrictions at times involved with the process. Businesses and homes that may be disrupted during this process were previously notified. For more information, call Noblesville Utilities at (317) 776-6353.