Noblesville will begin its annual street rehabilitation projects shortly to address the most necessary infrastructure needs within the city. The city has awarded $3,730,069.36 through two contracts to address road and alley repaving and repair work to sidewalks and ramps.

“This year’s list contains projects in every quadrant of the city that will positively impact resident’s neighborhoods and motorists traveling in Noblesville,” Mayor John Ditslear said.

This year’s recently bid rehabilitation projects include 12 miles of streets and 2.25 miles of alleys in Old Town Noblesville – an increase from the 10 street miles and 1.6 alley miles resurfaced last year. The contracts include the city’s annual street rehabilitation with E&B Paving and the Community Crossings Grant with Midwest Paving.

“Over the past year, we have completely inventoried and viewed all streets and alleys. Once each road is evaluated and graded, a street rehabilitation list is made based on priority,” said Jim Hellmann, assistant city engineer. “We make every effort to address the worst ones or areas.”

In addition to these projects, the city has already begun resurfacing work on Olio Road-146th Street and construction on the Greenfield Avenue-Howe Road roundabout. Those costs are not included in either contract.

Signs will be placed onsite a week before construction begins and mailings are being sent to affected homeowners. This construction will cause minor inconveniences including traffic delays, temporary loss of street parking, construction noise and access restrictions. All measures will be taken to facilitate construction in a quick and timely fashion.

Project status and updates will be reported via the city’s social media feeds. For more information, contact the Engineering Department at 317-776-6330.


2019 Street Rehabilitation Projects

  • Miscellaneous Thoroughfares – Hague Road (portions between 196th and 216th streets); 161st Street (portions between Bays Drive and Cherry Tree Road); Lakeview Drive (State Road 32/38 to bend in Lakeview); and Lafayette Road (Lakeview Drive to State Road 38).

  • The Meadows – Amber Way (Meadows Boulevard to Golden Meadow Way); Canal Way; Lupine Court; Carmine Drive; Chamomile Court; Mimosa Court; and Iris Court.

  • Clover Road – Clover Road (Stony Creek Road to Pleasant Street); and Town and Country Boulevard (Clover Road to State Road 37).

  • Old Town – North Street (10th Street to 16th Street); Evans Avenue (10th Street to 16th Street); Central Avenue (11th Street to 16th Street); 11th Street (Monument Street to Evans Avenue); 12th Street (Grant Street to North Street); 14th Street (Monument Street to North Street); and 15th Street (Grant Street to North Street).


2019 Community Crossings Projects

In March, the City of Noblesville was awarded $920,715 from the Indiana Department of Transportation as part of the state’s Next Level Roads: Community Crossings Initiative. Noblesville’s three 50-50 funded grants include 10th Street, Hazel Dell Road and Mill Grove subdivision – which total $1.87 million in investment. Each project is expected to begin in June and be completed by Labor Day.

  • 10th Street (1.5 miles) – 10th Street from Greenfield Avenue to Field Drive. The city utilized local funds to construct the roundabout at the Greenfield Avenue intersection with 10th Street in 2017 and resurfaced 10th Street north of Field Drive in 2016. Average daily traffic is 10,000 vehicles.

  • Hazel Dell Road (2.28 miles) – Hazel Dell Road from Noble Crossing Drive to State Road 32. This is the initial phase of a multi-year rehabilitation of Hazel Dell Road/Little Chicago Road. Average daily traffic is 15,000 vehicles.

  • Mill Grove Subdivision (1.6 miles) – Maple Grove Way (Little Chicago Road to Mill Creek Road); Edwards Grove Drive (Mill Oak Drive to Dado Drive); Mill Grove Drive (Mill Oak Drive to Maple Grove Way); Walter Grove Drive (Grove Walk Court to Mill Grove Drive); Grove Walk Court (Mill Grove Drive to end of cul-de-sac); and Gusset Court (Maple Grove Way to end of cul-de-sac). Phase I of this project was completed using local funds in 2018.