Sanitary Sewer Requests

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Within unincorporated, platted subdivisions, the City of Noblesville has enacted a Barrett Law Ordinance, which ensures an equitable division of expense for each platted parcel.  Should you desire sanitary sewer service and you reside within an unincorporated, platted subdivision, please contact the Department of Engineering.

On occasion, unincorporated residents have petitioned the City of Noblesville for sanitary sewer service.  Individual parcels may be treated differently than Barrett Law opportunities.  Granting of sanitary sewer service is made on a case-by-case basis. Here is an explanation of the petition process and subsequent requirements, as necessary for sanitary sewer service approval.

  1. Written statement to Department of Engineering (See form below)
    1. Name of Property Owner
    2. Property Address
    3. Phone Number
    4. Plat Map (if available)
    5. Reason for Request
  2. Consent to Voluntary Annexation - contact Joyceann Yelton (Planning Department)
    1. Typically a condition of approval is the dedication of the right-of-way per the Thoroughfare Masterplan. 
  3. Request is reviewed by City Engineer.
  4. On behalf of the petitioner, City Engineer presents request to Board of Public Works & Safety and Common Council.
  5. Pending approval of request, applicant will then need to complete a sanitary sewer permit application and pay the appropriate connection fees. Typically, the connection fee amount is discussed in advance of completing the application. Receipts are provided to the applicant at the time of payment. 
    1. Applicant is responsible for all construction costs. 
    2. Sewer connection and availability fee is $5,600 per Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU), which is the equivalent to a single family home (310 gallons per day). 
  6. The Department of Engineering will issue the sanitary sewer permit following review and approval. Sanitary sewer connection and availability fee is due prior to City releasing the permit
  7. The applicant will then hire a licensed contractor to install a sanitary sewer service lateral from the building to the sanitary sewer main. All costs associated with the construction of the service lateral and reconfiguration of in-house plumbing are the sole responsibility of the applicant. Prior to commencing with construction, the hired contractor shall contact the Street Department to verify whether an encroachment permit is required.
  8. The applicant, or contractor, shall contact the Department of Engineering to schedule an inspection appointment. At the time of the inspection, the contractor shall only have installed the stone bedding to the haunch of the pipe. All completed paperwork shall be made available at the time of inspection (see Construction Standards Sheet 10-15, ). The cost of the inspection is included in the cost of the connection fee. However, fees for additional inspections, due to failed inspections or cancelled inspections (no notification), may be billed at a $35/hour rate directly to the contractor or applicant.
  9. Following inspection approval, the contractor shall finish bedding the service lateral and backfill accordingly.

Note: Additional requirements, as part of the consent to voluntary annexation, may be required as part of Common Council approval.


Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding this service, please contact Odise Adams, PE.