Asset Management / Surety Administration

As part of Public Infrastructure Administration, the Department of Engineering is responsible for the calculation and tracking of all sureties for dedicated public improvements constructed. As stated above, all public improvement infrastructure must be inspected and approved by the Department of Engineering prior to the Board of Works acceptance. Sureties are required to ensure that the public improvements are constructed as shown in the approved detailed construction drawings. The maintenance surety is for three years and represents only 15% of the actual construction costs. The maintenance surety is posted after the infrastructure has been constructed, inspected, and accepted by the Board of Public Works and Safety. The Unified Development Code also allows for the posting of performance sureties for items that are required but not complete. The performance surety amounts represent 110% of the engineer's estimate and/or actual contracts with the contractor performing the construction. This allows for approval of the secondary plat by the Board of Works with commitments for completion of construction.


The Department also tracks and inventories all newly constructed, inspected, and accepted public infrastructure. All newly accepted roadways, by either dedication or annexation, are submitted to the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) annually so that the City's receives money to maintain our infrastructure. The Department also compiles an annual report of all of our roadways (which includes curbs and sidewalks), storm sewers, traffic signals, and rights-of-way that complies with Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB), Statement No. 34.

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