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Forest Park's Extreme Sports Skate Complex opened to the public in October of 2005 after a nearly four year effort by skaters and their supporters.  Over 100 local residents, mostly under the age of 18, were involved in the process.  These young citizens formed committees that generated recommendations on the skate park location, rules, funding and design.  Funding was the greatest challenge. Although the Noblesville City Council was by far the largest contributor, they followed the lead of organizations like the International Order of Odd Fellows, Sunrise Kiwanis, the Legacy Foundation, and Kappa Kappa Kappa Sorority. The young committee members also raised funds by parking cars at local concerts and local contractors assisted with donations of materials.  The skate park is designed with ramps, rails and other features for nearly every skill level. It is located in Forest Park off of State Road 19 in Noblesville, Indiana.  There is no fee charged to use the facility.  The Park Department does ask that users of the facility adhere to the rules posted at the Extreme Skate Park. 




Quote from skateboarder William "Weewah" Cote, 16, of Noblesville:  "This is wonderful.  I love it - It's more than I could ask for from Noblesville.  I didn't think it was going to be this nice."

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