Legal Department

John Hughes Downing
City Attorney




The City Attorney is the head of the Legal Department and is appointed by Mayor Chris Jensen.

The City Attorney manages the legal affairs of the city, drafts ordinances, resolutions, contracts and other legal documents for the city and its staff, departments and boards, and prosecutes City Ordinance violations. The City Attorney attends meetings of the Common Council, Board of Public Works and Safety, Noblesville Park and Recreation Board, Board of Zoning Appeals, Noblesville Plan Commission and other city boards, and advises their members on legal matters.

Officers, departments, boards, commissions, and other agencies of the city may not employ attorneys without the authorization of the head of the  Legal Department. When a legal issue arises that is best handled by outside counsel, the City Attorney oversees the matters assigned to outside counsel to ensure the city is receiving quality legal representation.

The Legal Department does not provide legal advice to members of the public.

City Ordinances