The City of Noblesville has joined forces with the Noblesville Police and Fire Departments to create NobleACT, a mental health crisis and substance abuse response program. Noblesville Mayor Chris Jensen said this program will utilize mental health police officers, community paramedics, and mental health clinicians to provide linkage to community services and divert those in crisis away from the criminal justice system.

“As mentioned in the State of the City in February, our paramedicine program utilizes current community, healthcare and public safety resources to proactively identify and assist the public with non-emergency needs, health issues, and strives to maintain a healthy community,” Jensen said. “NobleACT is a multipronged approach based on the Community Health Assessment, public safety data analysis, trending issues, stakeholder needs and citizen feedback.”

NobleACT provides mental health and addiction-based services to those in crisis in three primary ways:


  • De-escalate the scene unitizing the expertise of the mental health officer, community paramedic, and mental health clinician.
  • The team will assess the patient’s needs and provide direct linkage to the most appropriate community based services.
  • Direct clients away from the criminal justice system and unnecessary hospitalizations.


  • Follow-up on individuals transported to a hospital within 72 hours.
  • Follow-up on individuals referred to unit.
  • Provide case management services to assist those in their path to recovery.


  • The team will conduct community focused outreaches.
  • Conduct community education trainings.
  • Conduct community awareness events.

“The success of this program will be achieved through strong and active partnerships with community organizations and we are pleased with the partnerships we already have on board for NobleACT. We are requesting community organizations interested in partnering with NobleACT provide a referral contact method that allows for a rapid connection between your organization and the client,” NobleACT Police Officer Ben Lugar said.

Any organization interested in a partnership with NobleACT or would like to receive more information should contact NPD Officer Lugar at [email protected] or by phone at (317) 770-1420.

Community Resource Paramedics

The Noblesville Fire Department has three Community Resource Paramedics (CRPs) as part of NobleACT. The CRPs will be used as a resource in the city’s battle against the COVID-19 virus. They will continue to operate on 24 hours shifts at Station 71 and will utilize a quick response vehicle to respond as needed. 

“In addition to the emergency care we provide to our community, the NobleACT program provides additional services related to mental health, chronic disease processes, and non-emergency needs,” Division Chief of EMS James Macky added. “With the implementation of a NFD Community Resource Paramedic and a NPD Mental Health Officer, this cooperative effort allows us as a public safety agency to bring mobile integrated healthcare services to those in need.”

The CRPs’ COVID-19 responsibilities will include but are not limited to:

  • Responding to suspected COVID-19 patients.
  • Training Noblesville responders on new COVID-19 protocols.
  • Assist the EMS Division and front line crews with PPE, participating in training, conducting training, attending meetings, drawing blood, taking nasal swabs, and working on special projects.
  • Directing triage and transport protocols.
  • Evaluating COVID-19 exposure risks to Noblesville’s first responders.
  • Aiding in PPE inventory and acquisition.
  • Ensuring a consistent delivery of Noblesville’s Incident Action Plan.
  • Conducting patient follow-ups and work on patient referrals to the program.
  • Launched the STEADI program.
  • Launched Senior Outreach (email [email protected])
    • Safety inspection of the homes looking for fire, slip, trip, and fall hazards.
    • Provide free smoke detectors and lock boxes to Noblesville residents in financial need.
    • Install smoke detectors (do not rewire harnesses).
    • Change smoke detector batteries.
    • Install lock boxes for exterior keys.

This program has the built in flexibility to keep pace as the city’s needs change. Noblesville’s CRPs’ compassion, integrity, and knowledge will help make stressful calls easier for both patients and their families.


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