Deferral Program Information

The City of Noblesville has an Ordinance Deferral Program that allows you the opportunity to avoid having points and a conviction applied to your driving record.  Successful completion of the deferral agreement will earn a dismissal of your charge.  The following is a summary of "standard" program requirements. 
  1. If you have already paid your ticket, you will not be eligible for the Deferral Program. If you are interested in the Deferral Program, please contact the Noblesville City Court before paying your fees.

  2. You MUST contact the court staff at least one week before your court date or payment date to begin the deferral process. If more time is required for the deferral payment, please request this from the court staff. 

  3. Driver's that hold a CDL, Learner's Permit are not eligible for the Deferral Program. Chauffeur's License is determined on a case by case basis.  Some offenses are not eligible for the deferral.

  4. You will be required to pay a Deferral Fee, this is paid instead of the fee for the ticket, and the fees range between $192.50 and $252.50.

  5. There will be a 6 to 12 month "Deferral' period in which you cannot receive any other violations.  If you do not receive another ticket during this "deferral period," your pending ticket will be dismissed.

  6. You will need to contact the Court to determine if you are eligible for the Deferral Program at 317-776-6344, press 0, you may also be required to appear in Court.

  7. Once it is determined that you are eligible for the Deferral Program you must complete the deferral agreement and return it to the Court with payment. The final decision on the acceptance of a proposed Deferral Agreement rests with the Court.

  8. Your deferral period will not begin until payment and the agreement are both received.
Note: Please wait 5 days after receiving your ticket before contacting the Court for more information. This will allow staff enough time to receive your ticket and help give you the correct information.