Midland Trace Trail

The City of Noblesville is developing a Federal-aid project to provide increased trail availability and connectivity in Noblesville in accordance with the City of Noblesville Comprehensive Master Plan. The proposed trail project includes the development of plans for the proposed Midland Trace Trail project along the abandoned “Midland” Central Railway corridor (approximately 0.2 mile south of SR 32).   The corridor extends from Gray Road east to the western property boundary of Hazel Dell Elementary. Instead of bisecting the school property, the corridor turns south then east along the property line, follows an existing trail section north along the eastern side of the baseball fields, and reconnects with the railroad corridor on the east side of the school property. The proposed trail then extends east to Willowview Road. The majority of the area currently exists as an abandoned railroad corridor. The railroad corridor between from Gray Road to Hazel Dell Road and from Mill Creek Road to Willowview Road is overgrown and unmaintained. The section between Hazel Dell Road and Mill Creek Road has been maintained as a gravel recreational path surrounded by trees.

The proposed project includes constructing a multi-use path along the corridor described above. The proposed path would be a 12-foot wide paved path with earthen shoulders. The existing trail on the Hazel Dell Elementary School property would not be widened to match the remainder of the proposed trail. The proposed trail construction would effectively address the purpose and need by providing a trail section near current and developing housing divisions, a school and a baseball park. Construction of this trail would create a connection with the proposed Hazel Dell/Little Chicago Trail. On a more broad scale, the proposed trail would provide a critical connection between existing and proposed trail sections which would connect Noblesville to Westfield, Zionsville, and the Monon Trail system.