Annual Street Rehabilitation Program

The Annual Street Rehabilitation Programs are part of a long-term pavement management program, implemented by the Department of Engineering, to maintain the City's streets, curbs and sidewalks. By implementing proactive maintenance and replacement programs, the City is able to reduce long-term operation and maintenance costs, while ensuring the City's roads are maintained in a safe and drivable condition for everyone to enjoy.
The work scope for these project may include curb, sidewalk, and sidewalk ramp replacement to current standards. Streets may also be patched and overlaid with asphalt pavement. Drainage will be improved to the extent that is practical and economically feasible based on the existing site conditions. 
The Department of Engineering completes all required work in house for these projects. The required tasks to complete one of these projects requires project scoping, programming, utility coordination, field survey, design, construction plans and specifications preparation, contract procurement, construction inspection, and project management. 
Impact to Residents/Businesses:

The intent of the Street Rehabilitation Program is to be as least intrusive as possible. However, with any construction, there will be some short-term setbacks. Residents and businesses, located on local streets adjacent to the proposed construction, should receive a handout (notice) 2 to 10 days before construction is scheduled to commence. During the period of construction, the Contractor will post temporary "No Parking / Tow Away" signs along the roadway, within the area of street rehabilitation. The street will be restored to normal traffic after 6:00 p.m. daily and on Saturday and Sunday.

Sidewalk Replacement (Miscellaneous):

The maintenance of sidewalks, within both public right-of-way and on private property, is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. However, when funds allow, the City will evaluate the condition of the existing sidewalk, within public right-of-way, and repair/replace, when appropriate.

Although the Annual Street Rehabilitation Program may replace areas of deteriorated concrete sidewalks, the intent behind the Street Rehabilitation Program is to repair large areas. Occasionally, the City is asked to consider replacing smaller sections (1 or 2 panels) of deteriorated sidewalk and/or curb. Please contact the Noblesville Street Department for these smaller requests.