Training Division

Training Captain
Joe Scheumann
Captain Joe Scheumann
 Extrication Training
The Noblesville Fire Department's Training Division is responsible for the development, implementation, and maintenance of all training for suppressional   personnel. Its goal is to enhance the quality of Noblesville firefighters and ensure that the department is prepared for the modern emergencies of today. 
 In addition to ensuring that all current fire personnel meet annual, mandated training requirements, the Training Division is also responsible for arranging   recruit academies, company level training, multi-company level training, and special rescue/team training. Additionally, the division maintains all training   manuals, materials, and records.Training EMS
Starting with the basic fire academy, firefighters are indoctrinated with the operating procedures of the Noblesville Fire Department, preparing them to work as integral members of the NFD team. As firefighters move up in both grade and rank, the training division coordinates, implements, and monitors all testing.
The Training Division of the Noblesville Fire Department is led by Cpt. Joe Scheumann.