In Memoriam

Hamilton County Fallen Firefighters


Byron J. Galbreath

Noblesville Firefighter Byron J. Galbreath was electrocuted and died from his injuries while working at a fire in a junk yard at 6th & Preston Street in Noblesville.


Cyrus Clark

Carmel Assistant Fire Chief Cyrus Clark died from injuries suffered in an apparatus accident. While responding along with another firefighter aboard the apparatus, a civilian driver pulled their vehicle into the path of the responding fire apparatus. Chief Clark swerved and avoided contact with the vehicle; however, he struck a tree and both CFD members were ejected. The apparatus then came to rest on top of them. Location believed to be 111th Street and Westfield Boulevard.


Raymond E. Moulder

Fishers Assistant Fire Chief Raymond E. Moulder died from injuries he suffered from a building collapse. Chief Moulder was working at the scene of a multi-alarm fire consuming several buildings in the downtown business district of Noblesville. The location of this incident was 6th & Conner Street. The building suddenly collapsed, trapping Chief Moulder.