2021 Street Rehabilitation Program


PROJECT: 2021 Street Rehabilitation Program

The Engineering Department drives and rates ALL streets within the city every two years and gives each a 1-10 rating based on the national PAvement Surface Evaluation and Rating (PASER) system. This, along with our current and projected funding are used to create a city asset management plan that is submitted to INDOT and Purdue. In the “off year," the Engineering Department re-rates all streets that are in the lower scores. We then group the lower rated streets by work area, perform an estimate, and determine the best way to piece together these work areas for a several-year program. As each area is completed, the department updates the plan, and rolls into the next group. 

TIMELINE: Bidding for this project will be held in April, Road construction during the summer and early fall.

BUILDER: The city has contracted with Midwest Paving and Harding Group for this year's annual street rehabilitation.

SCOPE: Noblesville will begin its annual street rehabilitation projects shortly to address the most necessary infrastructure needs within the city. 

RESIDENTIAL NOTICE: Signs will be placed onsite a week before construction begins and mailings are being sent to affected homeowners. This construction will cause minor inconveniences including traffic delays, temporary loss of street parking, construction noise and access restrictions. All measures will be taken to facilitate construction in a quick and timely fashion.


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Morse Overlook - Anchor Bay Drive and Shorevista Lane. 

The approximate construction timeline in this subdivision is April 19 – May 18, weather dependent.

Country Lake Estates - Myers Lake Drive (Little Chicago Road to Spring Creek Court); Lake Terrace Court; Lake Point Way; Country Lake Blvd. (Myers Lake Drive to Gavin Avenue); Lake Knoll Way; Pine Crest Circle; Lake Valley Court; Madison Anne Court; and Gavin Avenue (Pine Hill Drive to Country Lake Blvd.). 

The approximate construction timeline in this subdivision is April 29 – May, 21, weather dependent.

Old Town North - 11th Street (Conner Street to Clinton Street); 12th Street (Wayne Street to Monument Street); 14th Street (Conner Street to Monument Street); 15th Street (Conner Street to Clinton Street and Wayne Street to Harrison Street); 16th Street (Conner Street to Monument Street); 17th Street (Harrison Street to Monument Street); James Drive (Harrison Street to Monument Street); 18th Street (Harrison Street to Monument Street); 19th Street (Harrison Street to Monument Street); Morton Street (12th Street 16th Street); and Harrison Street (10th Street to 10th Street).

156th Street - 156th Street (Hazel Dell Road to Gray Road).

Kingsley - Drayton Drive (146th Street to Redcliff Drive); Dlaredon Drive; Redcliff Drive; Porchester Drive; and Portman Drive.

Old Town South Alleys

  • A similar rating to roads was completed for all alleys. These ratings are a little more static due to their lower traffic volumes. The first year this project was done, the city addressed the worse condition alleys first and it ended up being pretty chaotic for residents as the crew moved all over Old Town for those construction days. We are currently addressing alleys that need completely reconstructed, and grouping those into work areas. Then, the city will focus on those alleys that are in better shape and need just an “overlay.” Along with that there are new concrete approaches from the street to the alley that need addressed.
  • The approximate construction timeline for this area is April 19 – June 18, weather dependent.