Golf Carts in Noblesville

Golf CartThe City of Noblesville welcomes the use of golf carts in our community as a way for residents to travel short distances within neighborhoods and from neighborhood to neighborhood. But public safety is always our top concern. Effective January 2018, the Noblesville Common Council adopted an ordinance to allow the operation of golf carts upon city streets within certain subdivisions and neighborhoods – with limitations that are required for the safe, permitted use of golf carts.


Definition of a Golf Cart

Golf carts are described as a vehicle with four wheels substantially similar to vehicles originally designed for operation on a golf course and powered by a battery or internal combustion engine. This does not include ATVs, off road vehicles or four-wheelers.


Driving a Golf Cart

To drive a golf cart, you must possess a valid driver’s license. If an unlicensed juvenile is caught operating a golf cart, the Noblesville Police Department may issue any notice/citations to the parent(s). Drivers also must abide by all traffic regulations applicable to vehicular traffic when using the authorized streets and parking areas of the city.


Approval Process

  • Only subdivisions or neighborhoods with a governing body, home-owners association or decision-making board authorized to speak on behalf of the welfare of the neighborhood are allowed to participate. If your neighborhood does not have one of the three listed above, golf carts are not permitted.

  • The governing body must submit written certification to the Noblesville Police Department stating the board approves the use of golf carts by its residents and within its community.

  • The governing body also must notify the Noblesville Street Department. The Street Department will create and install signage at each entrance to the subdivision that complies with City ordinances warning motorists and pedestrians of the possibility of golf carts being operated on the streets within the neighborhood. The governing body will pay $75 per sign that needs to be installed by the street department. Golf carts are not permitted to be used until the proper signage is placed in the subdivision.

  • A neighborhood may rescind its approval by submitting a letter to the Noblesville Police Department.


Permitted Areas For Carts

  • Drivers must abide by all traffic regulations applicable to vehicular traffic when using the authorized streets and parking areas of the city.

  • Driving golf carts is only permitted within established subdivisions and neighborhoods that have complied with section 76.06 of Ordinance No. 60-12-17.

  • Golf carts shall not be operated on any City street having a posted speed limit in excess of 25 mph.

  • Golf carts may cross a street that has a posted speed limit in excess of 25 mph, but no greater than 45 mph, when crossed at intersections in a path perpendicular to the streets or highways.

  • Golf cart operators shall stay in the far right of the traveled portion of the road and yield the right-of-way to overtaking vehicles as soon as possible to do so safely.

Neighborhoods Currently Permitted For Golf Carts

Augusta Village Blue Ridge Creek Brighton Knoll
Carlton Heights Chapel Woods Conner Crossing
Cranbrook Creekside @ Cedar Path Deer Path
East Harbour East Haven Emerald Village
Essex of Noblesville Flagstone Woods Hazel Dell Woods
Lochaven Logan's Pointe North Harbour
Oakmont Pebble Brook Fairway Pebble Brook Villas
Pinehurst Village The Ridge Turnberry at the Park
Villages of Pebble Brooke West Haven Woods & Greens at Prairie Xing 
Sagamore Slater Ridge  Stony Ridge 


Golf Cart Frequently Asked Questions

Operating Golf Carts Within Noblesville - Ordinance No. 60-12-17

HOAs or individuals that may have questions about Noblesville's Golf Cart Ordinance are asked to contact NPD Sgt. Marley Pagel ([email protected]) or Robert Herrington ([email protected]). 


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