Community Training Opportunities

The Noblesville Police Department provides training to the community on several aspects of law enforcement. This includes firearms training, vehicle operations, defensive tactics, active shooter, and more. Once trainings for each specialty are scheduled, they will be posted along with a link to sign up for the class.

Firearms  |  Vehicle Operations  |  Defensive Tactics  

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The Indiana Gun Law and Civilian Self-Defense Course is intended for any citizen wanting to learn more about the laws in the State of Indiana that govern the carry and use of firearms.  It is NOT intended as a firearms maintenance class or safety course and individuals interested in those should look at one of the other, more specific options. The class had previously been two separate classes that built on each other. We now provide an approximate 3 hour combined class. 

This outreach training block is for anyone curious about the various firearms laws in the State of Indiana and the consequences of having to use force. The instruction will cover statutory definitions, explanations and practical explanations for both Indiana and some Federal Regulations. It will also cover licensing and reciprocity issues as well as answering questions about permitless carry under recent legislation. Lastly, the course will touch on self-defensive use of force considerations for civilians. The course is taught by a license attorney, with over three decades of Indiana Law Enforcement experience and service as a firearms and use of force instructor. This is a new version of the training offered in 2022, now condensed to a single three-hour block. The instructor will remain available for specific questions and answers after the training concludes.

TRAINING DATE: June 11th 6pm- approximately 9pm

LOCATION: Noblesville City Hall - 2nd floor Conference Room (A214)


Firearms Maintenance Course
This course is intended for the citizen who want to learn the basic of firearms maintenance, along with tips for proper cleaning ad storage.  Topics covered will include the necessary equipment, safety concerns, long-term versus short-term storage concerns, preservation, how to clean and how often to clean, and what NOT to do or clean with. This course is approximately 1-2 hours in length.


Firearms Safety and Storage in the Home
This course is intended for the citizen who owns, or plans to own, firearms and has questions about how to do so safely.  There will be a review of current secured storage options and the sliding scale between security and accessibility.  We will also cover basic gun handling safety concerns such as how to safely check if a firearms is loaded, how to properly clear a firearm, etc. Other topics will touch on how to talk to your children about firearms,  how often should you train, and what type of training is appropriate. This course is approximately 1-2 hours in length.


Vehicle Operations

Teen Vehicle Operations (T.V.O.)
Students will get the opportunity to operate a police vehicle on a closed driving course to better understand what training officers receive during Emergency Vehicle Operations (E.V.O.). This course will have various skill sets involved (backing, parallel parking, evasive maneuvering). Students will also be given the opportunity to drive a golf cart on a closed course while wearing “drunk goggles” to simulate the effects of driving while intoxicated and learn the effects alcohol and drugs can do to our bodies.


PAST TRAINING DATES: September 29, 2022

Defensive Tactics

Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.)
R.A.D. is a women-only self defense program. The program is broken up into four three-hour sessions. The training culminates in a dynamic simulation where participants use what they have learned in a realistic situation.





Active Shooter

Noblesville Police Departments provides ALICE training (Alert Lockdown Inform Counter Evacuate) which teaches subjects how to handle an active shooter situation. In this course, you will learn several principles such as evacuation, barricading, or fighting back. This 4-hour presentation is broken up with drills so you can practice the skills you learn in the classroom setting. We are also able to modify the training depending on your unique circumstances.