Business Watch Program

Business Watch

The Noblesville Police Department recognizes that community participation in crime prevention programs is essential to improving the quality of life in the City of Noblesville. For this reason, Noblesville Police Department has created the Business watch program to promote the partnership between our local businesses and the police. The Business Watch Program will help us communicate information that could impact local businesses and creates a conduit for business owners back to Noblesville Police so we can be more responsive to your needs. 

How does this program work? You simply fill out our application below or online here and that's it... you're in!

What does your business get out of the program?

  • We will provide a “Business Watch” decal to put on your window or door.
  • We will periodically send information out about area crimes that are relevant to you.
  • We will host meetings where we can discuss crime trends and can provide feedback to problems you may have that we can help with.
  • We will provide a direct line of contact to our department and create a partnership.


What does your business need to do in return? 

  • We will provide a training course on human trafficking and provide a guide to your business on shoplifting prevention and reporting. We will have you sign off that you have trained your employees on these topics.
  • We will have a meeting annually for all businesses in the program in which a representative from your business will be required to attend. We will discuss topics relevant to our city and your businesses.
  • We want you to provide and maintain accurate after-hours contact information with us so we can get a hold of you in the event of an emergency.

For more information about how to implement the Business Watch Program at your company, please explore the documents found below:

You may also fill out an online application here.

Please feel free to contact the Noblesville Police Department's Business Watch Program Coordinator, Sgt. Marley Pagel at [email protected] if you have any additional questions concerning this program.