Noblesville West Gateway Project

West Gateway


Come see the latest ideas for the West Gateway at the July 13 Farmer's Market. Learn about the big ideas for the plan and share about which are most important to you. Check back in July a new survey to respond to the plan's big ideas.


A master plan is a collective vision imagining the future of a designated area and a list of action items to bring about the vision over time. For the Noblesville West Gateway Master Plan, the designated area is 388 acres, stretching about 1 mile west from the White River.

West Gateway Boundary

Located just west of Noblesville’s traditional downtown, the West Gateway Master Plan will imagine a new, unique identity for the district that distinguishes, connects, and transitions to downtown. The master plan will establish a vision and steps needed to bring the vision to reality over the next 15 – 20 years.


The West Gateway Master Plan will:

  1. Envision a vibrant, walkable and unique district shaping a gateway to Downtown Noblesville.
  2. Design an iconic gateway feature.
  3. Identify opportunities to activate and connect with the White River and the Riverwalk.
  4. Identify potential redevelopment sites and compatible land uses.
  5. Recommend improvements to roadways and trails to support movement to and through the West Gateway district.
  6. Identify infrastructure improvements necessary to support potential redevelopment.
  7. Draft design and development policies to implement the envisioned district.
  8. Review economic impacts and fiscal projections related to potential redevelopment.

West Gateway

Planning Team

A team of urban planners and designers, engineers, and development and policy experts are working closely with the City of Noblesville to lead the creation of the master plan. This team, led by planning firm MKSK, brings expertise in shaping the built environment: the buildings and spaces we see and the hidden infrastructure that makes them function. Community members- residents, developers, businesses, and organizations- will all play an important role in shaping the vision for the future West Gateway district. The planning team will lead the process to collect ideas from many different members of the community, then use their expertise in design, development, and policy to tie together the ideas and create a realistic path forward.


The West Gateway Master Plan will be developed from spring through fall of 2024. There are multiple ways and opportunities for members of the community to get involved!

West Gateway Schedule

April 5 – First Friday | Find the West Gateway planning team at First Friday in the square. Don’t get left in the dark (solar eclipse pun!) come out and talk with planners about the West Gateway district. Share your ideas on what works well and what should be improved, and your wildest dreams for the future of the district!

Take a Survey | Starting March 22, take a survey to answer questions about how you move around to and through the district, what places you visit, and what you want to encourage more of or improve upon.

June – Farmer’s Market | Stay tuned for the date to be set…the planning team will be at the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market in June to share ideas to shape the future West Gateway district and collect feedback from community members.

Fall – Commission and Council Adoption | After collecting feedback, compiling ideas, and developing an action plan, the planning team will take the draft document to Plan Commission and City Council for review and approval. This provides an additional opportunity for community members to make their voices heard. But don’t wait until then to speak up – share your ideas at any of the intervals above for full consideration in the balance of the plan!