Cumberland Point


50-11-02 Original Planned Development Ordinance  (209.8 acres)

60-12-02 Amended CCPD Subdistrict land use category (10 acres)

46-6-03   Special Consideration for Mini-Warehouses (5.77 acres)

23-5-04   Text Amendment for Residential Sales Trailers

29-6-04   Amended Planned Development for Apartments

29-3-06   Amended Planned Development to include additional 8 acres

30-3-06   Amended Original Planned Development for Apartments

31-3-06   Text Amendment for Lot 10 regarding building materials

32-3-06   Special Consideration for Indoor Recreation Facility (1.97 acres)

33-3-06   Amended Planned Development to  allow a private school on Lot 13 (1.52 acres)

16-2-07   Amended layout and text for Single-Family areas

22-5-10   Text Amendment to permit Personal Service Uses (5.24 acres)

1-1-11     Text Amendments for Apartment Signage (28.6 acres)

03-01-15  Special Consideration to permit mini-storage warehousing