Noble West


59-12-02    Original Planned Development ordinance 

37-5-03      Text amendment restating Ord #59-12-02

68-9-03      Text amendment for the Townes @ Noble West (16.71 ac)

72-10-03     Text amendment to the retail layout at the northeast corner of 146th Street and Hazel Dell Parkway 

65-8-05      Text amendment to the requirements for property at the northwest corner of 146th Street and Hazel Dell Parkway

35-3-06      Original GUO ordinance for Dillon Park (45.65 ac)

48-5-06      Text amendment including additional property in the planned development (1 ac)

49-5-06      Text amendment to permit a bridge and roadway connection of Midland Lane to Cherry Tree Road 

96-11-06    Text amendment to permit a stealth wireless telecommunications facility 

6-1-07        Text amendment to change land use classification from R5/PD to PB/PD east of Hazel Dell Parkway and north of Edenshall Road (8.39 ac)

21-06-13    Text amendment to rescind Ord #5-1-07 and #6-1-07 and amend the multi-family requirements (37.1 ac)

Termination of Amended Commitments   Related specifically to Ord #5-1-07 and #6-1-07