13-5-02       Original PD Ordinance 

27-3-06       Text amendment to bulk standards and lot layout 

40-9-09       Text amendment to allow additional signs for Helmer Inc on Lot U-1

17-06-13     Change of zoning to reclassify area west of Hamilton Town Center as land use category "Commercial" 

54-12-14      Text amendment to allow Cabela's outdoor display and sign letter height 

12-05-15      Text amendment to to permit a designation sign at Cabela and Campus Parkway

38-08-15      Holiday Inn Express Additional Wall Signs for Lot J

19-03-16     Text amendment to permit additional wall signs at Primanti Bros.  

42-06-16      Text amendment to permit a reduced side yard setback at Crew Carwash 

49-08-16      Current PD Ordinance 

64-09-16      Text amendment to allow additional wall signs at BJs Restaurant 

83-11-16      Text amendment to allow a sign backer at Duluth Trading Company 

10-03-17      Text amendment to allow a sign backer at Chipotle

38-09-19     Text amendment to allow the installation of canopies and landscaping at Chick-Fil-A

03-02-20    CURRENT STANDARDS - Text amendment to amend the PD Standards