Corporate Campus Infrastructure Improvements (Olio Road)


*Conceptual rendering design, final design may be different*

PROJECT: Corporate Campus Infrastructure Improvements (Olio Road)

TIMELINE: Utility work and road construction began in 2020, and is expected to be substantially completed in the fall of 2021.

PROJECT GOALS: Increased safety, sewer network expansion and expanded mobility of the corridor.

OWNER: City of Noblesville


CONTRACTOR: E&B Paving and 3D Company

SCOPE: Roundabout at the intersections of Olio Road and 146th Street will replace a 2-way stop. Olio Road will be widened to 4 lanes and 146th Street will be widened to 3 lanes. A 10-foot wide asphalt path will be installed on each roadway. Project will also include sanitary sewer extension and significant storm sewer/drainage improvements. 

MILEAGE: 0.9 miles

ESTIMATED COST: $9 million

    COUNCIL DISTRICT: 6 (Megan Wiles)