SR37 and 186th Street Reduced Conflict Intersection (INDOT)


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PROJECT: INDOT SR37 and 186th Street Reduced Conflict Intersection Road Trail

TIMELINE: Construction is expected to take place in 2024.

PROJECT GOALS: Increase safety and efficiency of the intersection.

OWNER: Indiana Department of Transportation

ENGINEER: SEH of Indiana

CONTRACTOR: Not awarded


  • Convert the existing two-way stop control intersection to a reduced conflict intersection.
  • Redirect all through traffic and left turns from the eastbound and westbound lanes of 186th street to turn right onto SR 37.
  • The intersection is planned as right in, right out, but will allow left turns from SR37 to Field Drive.
  • Paved one-way median openings would be constructed between the northbound and southbound lanes.
  • Median islands would also be constructed at the 186th Street approaches.
  • All median islands would be mountable to allow for emergency vehicles to safely cross through the intersection.

MILEAGE: 0.3 miles

ESTIMATED COST: This is an INDOT project and not under the city's jurisdiction or financial control.