Long-Term Control Plan (Phase 5)

Long term Control PLan

PROJECT: Long Term Control Plan Phase 5 - South Region CSO Abatement

TIMELINE: Construction is expected to start in the spring of 2022.

PROJECT GOALS: Separate the combination sewers so stormwater is sent to the receiving stream of White River and the sanitary sewer to the Wastewater Treatment Plant. It also will install pipe to direct Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) overflows to the underground storage tank at the treatment plant.

OWNER: City of Noblesville

ENGINEER: CHA Consulting

CONTRACTOR: Atlas Excavating

SCOPE: Phase V involves separating sewers in the southern area of Old Town Noblesville. Prior to this project, stormwater and sewage both run to the treatment plant, which caused additional workload to the plant - especially in times of flooding or high rainfall. The project will improve drainage during heavy downpours as well.

TOTAL AMOUNT: 2,349’ of existing pipe to rehabilitate, 5,455 feet of new pipe to install.

LOCATION: Work will be done at the following locations:

  • Noblesville Utilities Treatment Plant (conveyance sewer)
  • 4th Street between Pleasant Street and Chestnut Street (storm sewer)
  • Gerald Street from 9th to 10th streets (storm sewer)
  • 16th Street between Maple Avenue and Conner Street (storm sewer)
  • 14th Street between Maple Avenue and Conner Street (storm sewer)
  • Alley between 3rd and 4th streets (sanitary sewer)

ESTIMATED COST: $4.5 million

    COUNCIL DISTRICT: 3 (Aaron Smith) and 5 (Greg O'Connor)



    Project was substantially completed October 28, 2021.  

    There is a new concrete diversion structure with automated gates to split flows between two pipes that were installed under gravel drives.  One pipe conveying Stormwater to the new manhole at the river, and the other for excess combined flow to convey to the underground storage tank at the west of the treatment plant.  

    CS02 Diversion Structure

    CSO2 Diversion Structure

    CSO2 New Outfall At River

    CSO2 New Outfall at River

    CSO2 Road Split to Plant View

    CSO2 Road Split to Plant View

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