Project Truth

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Teaching Students Decision-Making for Safe and Healthy Lives.

In 2018 the School Resource Officer division made the decision to create its own educational program to present at the Elementary Level. This program was created by the four school resource officers that were working in the division at the time.  The creation of our own program allows the officers to evaluate the program on an annual basis and present information that is the most relevant to our kids. 
The program consists of six lessons presented at the 5th grade level.  The six lessons cover bullying, alcohol, tobacco, vaping, marijuana, and digital citizenship.   These lessons are presented using the student’s iPad enabling them to directly capture the information if desired. 
In addition to the 5th grade lessons, Project Truth  also has 21 shorter lessons that deal with issues such as what to do if you get lost in the grocery store, water safety, peer pressure, etc.  These lessons are presented to K-4th grade classes.