Video Surveillance Access Program

The Noblesville Police Department often partners with businesses and private residents who provide video footage from privately installed camera systems to identify suspects and vehicles involved in active criminal investigations.  Video surveillance systems and digital video recorders have become very popular and many homeowners and business owners have installed them.  If you have a video surveillance system installed at your residence or your business and are interested in making the recorded video accessible to the Noblesville Police Department, we invite you to complete our on-line form so we can keep track of where the cameras are located.  If we are investigating a crime where recorded video could play a role, we will reach out to you for access to your system.   If needed, officers can assist you with recovery of the video. 

If you have a video surveillance system the Noblesville Police Department suggests that you periodically check to see if the video is actually being recorded and that the correct date and time appear on the video.  These are the two most common reasons video surveillance systems fail to capture video of crimes in progress. 

To submit your information to our database, please complete this online form.

If you have any questions or want more information, please contact Sgt. Marley Pagel at 317-776-6340 or by email at [email protected].