Field Training Officer

The Noblesville Police Department, in keeping with the strictest levels of performance requirements, must always strive to maintain the highest standards of professionalism. To this end, the attainment of highly trained police officers shall remain a fundamental goal of the Department.

FTO LogoThe Noblesville Police Department's Field Training and Evaluation Program is designed to improve the field performance level of Noblesville Police Officers. The program accomplishes this goal in two (2) ways. First, as part of the overall NPD training process, the Field Training and Evaluation Program places maximum emphasis on police academy instruction through field experience. The program is designed to demonstrate to the recruit officer how to apply academic knowledge in a real-life field situation.
Second, as an evaluation and screening tool, the Field Training and Evaluation Program is one phase of the department's overall applicant screening process. It provides a measure of the field performance level of the recruit officer, which is used in the final decision regarding the retention or termination of their employment.
In developing the Field Training and Evaluation Program, the Noblesville Police Department has considered its responsibilities for proper field training. Legal issues involving negligent appointment and retention of officers as well as municipal liability for improper training have mandated that the department make every effort to training and retain only those individuals able to successfully perform as a police officers. Additionally, the department's responsibility to the current police officers and citizens of Noblesville requires that only those recruit officers who can successfully perform in the field become tenured police officers.
The Field Training and Evaluation Program has been developed and implemented to meet this responsibility. The Field Training and Evaluation Program is a 14-week program and commences after the new recruit has successfully completed and graduated the 16-week Indiana Law Enforcement Academy certification. One of the main functions of this program is to place new recruits with specifically selected veteran officers who can train and properly evaluate their performance over a period of time. While the recruit is in the program, he/she will be scheduled for a variety of different shifts and work assignments. The recruit will spend the majority of his/her experience in the Patrol Division but will also spend time working in some of the other facets of the job such as Criminal Investigations Division and the Communication Division. 
Field Training Officers are selected based on their experience, motivation, initiative and over ability to be able to instruct other officers. Field Training Officers must undergo a selection process before being assigned to the Unit and then must successfully pass a certified Field Training Officer course prior to training any recruits.

The Duties and Responsibilities of the Field Training Officer as they Relate to the Recruit Officers:

Role Model: As a role model, the Field Training Officer is expected to demonstrate the professional standards of law enforcement. Their performance serves as an example for the recruit officer to follow.
Training Officer: As a training officer, the Field Training Officer is expected to provide post-academy, on-the-job instruction to recruit officers in the field.
Evaluator/Counselor: As an evaluator, the Field Training Officer is expected to evaluate the performance of recruit officers. The evaluation is based upon observations of actual field experience and is completed in accordance with the Field Training and Evaluation Program guidelines. Through the evaluation process, the FTO has direct input into the decision to retain or terminate a recruit officer's employment with the Department.
As a counselor, the Field Training Officer is expected to provide the recruit officer with constructive criticism and suggestions for improved performance.
Leader/Limited Supervisor: As a leader and a supervisor, the Field Training Officer is expected to provide work direction and limited supervision to the recruit officer.
Patrol Officer: In addition to his/her responsibilities as an FTO, the officer must also perform all of his/her duties that are regularly assigned to a patrol officer. 
The Noblesville Police Department takes great pride in the officers assigned to the Field Training Officers Unit. Their abilities, capabilities, accomplishments and overall enthusiasm for the job is what drives these specific officers. They truly represent some of the best law enforcement officers that the agency has to offer and that is why they serve as the frontline to shaping the future of the Noblesville Police Department one recruit at a time.