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Student Internship/Job Shadowing Program Application

Student Internship/Job Shadowing Guidelines


The Noblesville Police Department is a proud supporter of the Student Internship Program for college students and the Job Shadowing Program for high school students. We believe that there is a mutual benefit for the Noblesville Police Department and the educational institutions to provide hands-on practical experiences for student interns and participants in the Job Shadowing Program. Classroom education cannot replace the experience and knowledge gained from working hand-in-hand with experienced criminal justice employees in actual field surroundings. Each student intern is given the opportunity to experience law enforcement methods in general and procedures of the Noblesville Police Department in particular. Internship or practicum programs developed with colleges and universities can assist greatly in the development and recruitment of qualified career members.  

Potential candidates who are interested in participating in the Student Internship Program with the Noblesville Police Department are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. There are a limited number of positions available and the application and selection process can take up to two months from start to finish.  

Eligibility Requirements

Student Internship Program:
  • Intern must be 18 years of age or older;
  • Must be currently enrolled in a college/university criminal justice or related program;
  • Must be recommended by his/her instructor or staff member of that representative educational institution;
  • Must successfully pass an application and background check performed by the Noblesville Police Department;
  • Must be willing to complete any and all waiver requests;
  • Must agree to sign a confidentiality agreement;
  • Must agree to abide with all program requirements and rules. 
Job Shadowing Program:
  • Must be a senior in the Noblesville School district;
  • Must be recommended by his/her instructor or staff member of that respective educational institution;
  • Must be willing to complete any and all waiver requests;
  • Must agree to abide with all program requirements and rules.

Application and Selection Procedures

  • Prospective student interns who register with an educational institution for an internship are normally responsible for finding a local criminal justice agency that will accept them into the program. The Noblesville Police Department encourages student interns to apply with our agency.
  • The student interns will need to contact the Student Internship Program Coordinator and request an application interview. At the time of the interview, the Program Coordinator will assist the student with the Student Internship Application and the Student Internship Release Waiver. The applicant will be required to sign all forms. Should the applicant be less than 18 years of age (Job Shadowing Program), a parent or guardian must sign the Student Intern Release Waiver. During the interview process, the Program Coordinator will ascertain the following information from the applicant:
a.    Specific law enforcement interest; if any, such as corrections, forensics, patrol, investigations, i.e.
b.    Available days and hours the applicant may work;
c.    Any information concerning past criminal history
  • In case of Jab Shadowing students, the process is less formal given the fact that the involvement is usually limited to just a few days.
  • The background investigation for internship applicants is very similar to the background conducted for perspective police officer applicants.  

Payment/ Wage

Interns receive no monetary payment for participation. All students must incur their own tuition expenses.  

Deadlines for Applying

Fall Semester (September-December)
Applications must be submitted no later than July 1st
Decision notification from N.P.D. by August 1st 
Spring Semester (January-March)
Applications must be submitted no later than November 1st
Decision notification from N.P.D. by December 1st
Summer Semester (May-August)
Applications must be submitted no later than March 1st
Decision Notification by N.P.D. by April 15t