Crash Reconstruction

The NPD Crash Reconstruction Unit is a team of specially trained officers who respond to vehicle crashes that involve serious bodily injuries or fatalities. The officers on this team, in addition to their normal duties, have attended specialized training in the field of crash investigation and reconstruction. These investigations begin at the scene of the crash and include detailed photography and scene measurement and documentation. State of the art equipment, software and techniques are used to gain as much information as possible at the scene while opening the road to traffic as quickly as possible. Members of the Crash Reconstruction Unit also receive continuing education and training in the field of crash investigation and reconstruction.         

The Crash Reconstruction Unit uses a total station measuring system to accurately measure evidence at the scene of a serious crash. The Crash Reconstruction Unit also uses a photogrammetry system that uses photos taken of a scene as well as software that interlaces the photographs allowing any item in the photo to be placed in a scaled diagram. The result from either application is a CAD drawing of the crash scene that can be used to determine how a crash occurred, how the vehicles moved prior to and immediately after a crash and potentially estimate the speed of the vehicles just before impact.