Emergency Services Unit

At the beginning of 2002, the Noblesville Police Department formed the Emergency Services Unit (ESU). The creation of this specialized unit came on the heels of recent events throughout the country that caused law enforcement agencies to rethink their readiness to respond to local emergencies. With the much publicized events of September 11, 2001 and the then-recent rash of school place violence incidents, it became apparent that our profession needed to start taking additional steps to prepare for these types of events. Incidents of this nature needed a coordinated effort from officers who were specialized to handle them. The officers needed to have additional team-based training, advanced weapons, and an assortment of tools to effectively address such calls. 
Historically, specialized units of this sort have been in existence since the middle 1970's. Originating on the west coast, the idea quickly spread across the country and today, a large number of law enforcement agencies either have their own unit or are a part of a multi-jurisdictional unit. The primary object of the Emergency Services Unit is to save lives. The Unit must plan for the "worst of the worst" type of situations such as barricaded persons, hostage situations and high-risk warrant service. The training that this unit receives far and away exceeds that of a regular police officer as it relates to handling these types of responses and that is what makes their existence invaluable to our overall mission of protecting and serving our community.  
The officers assigned to this unit must pass a rigid application process before being assigned to the unit. Once on the unit, officers must maintain specific levels of fitness, weapons marksmanship, training attendance and skill proficiency in order to remain a member. Along with the additional duties and responsibilities of being a member of this unit, the officers assigned to the Emergency Services Unit still have a responsibility to their primary assignment such as being a patrol officer, detective or supervisor.
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