Crisis Negotiation Unit

The Noblesville Police Department's Crisis Negotiation Unit is a division of the Emergency Services Unit that works as a multi-agency unit with the Westfield Police Department. This specialized unit's primary function is to respond to incidents in which there is a person or people in crisis. Once on scene, the CNU will use dialogue and communication to make every effort to end a situation in the most peaceful way possible. 

Our CNU can be used in many different incidents as an alternative to using force when possible to take a person into custody for criminal actions, or to help a person with mental health needs in getting assistance from a trained professional. Each unit member is a certified negotiator by being a graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Negotiator Training and will continue to participate in numerous other training sessions in the negotiator field. Additionally, the CNU has a certified Mental Health Professional who is assigned to the unit and responds to all situations where the CNU is requested.

To date, the Crisis Negotiation Unit has been on several incidents in which the outcomes have been very positive for all involved. The Noblesville Police Department recognizes the hard work this unit faces and commends them for their efforts in supporting the greater Noblesville community.